About Us

Our company was founded on October 12th, 1978 by late founder John Wietecha who was joined soon thereafter by Dennis Chaffee. John’s experience was rooted as a longtime technician and supervisor within the plating industry, while Dennis’ proficiency stemmed from his work as a USAF Crew Chief and subsequent tenure at PWA developing experimental parts. Both would lean on their extensive knowledge and superlative work ethic to grow VPI from its humble beginnings in a 3500’ leased space in the former Springfield Armory Watershops Pond Facility to its present 45,400’ facility located at 412 Albany Street in Springfield, MA. VPI has positioned itself to become a premier special processing facility with the majority of its clientele serviced locally in the northeast supported by a modern fleet of trucks for pickups/deliveries, but also extending services nationally by their customers’ carrier of choice.

We have always strived to be directly involved in our industry and community and have steadfastly been proactive regarding participation in, and support of, industry-sponsored regional and national trade shows. VPI was part of the original Nadcap Council that developed its initial checklists. In fact, VPI was the 13th entity in the world to attain Nadcap accreditation! VPI retains its presence and commitment with a voting member on both the Aerospace Quality System and Chemical Processing Task Group boards in present day. A senior member of our staff also serves as the current president of the Northeast chapter of the National Association for Surface Finishing (NEnasf). We have maintained our strong relationships with local, state, and federal entities to ensure strict compliance to all guidelines set forth and have made significant capital investments to position ourselves to meet and exceed all environmental regulations.

As a cornerstone to our founding beliefs, we take immense pride in our customer service. From always having a live voice to answer the phone when someone calls, to digital communication policies that enforce prompt response to inquiries, to ownership commitment for continuous improvement and addressing each and every customer complaint, we make our customers’ issues our highest priority. We devote ourselves to deliver on our promises, both internally and externally, on a daily basis. We welcome you to contact us today to see how we may collaborate and address your needs!